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New Website Design & Development Proposal

In 20 seconds or less

Work Of Art Fitness is ready to go to the next level of success and optimization with a brand new website.

Branded for Excellence.

High Quality Customer Experience.

Equipped with the Right Content & User Processes.

 objectives & features

Design & Build A Website That Portrays Excellence & Professionalism + Offers An Easy Client Intake and Payment Solution


Work of Art Fitness (WOAF) offers excellence in every service they provide to their clients. They are looking to have their website represent this as a top priority. WOAF desires to be seen as professional in every arena for their customers, whether new or existing. A brand new site will feature the right content, beautiful and clear sections, and the right user experience so that each client has everything they need to jumpstart their fitness journey, no matter which program they choose. The goal is for customers to leave feeling a sense of clarity for what’s next, an easy sign-up process to follow, and excitement that they made the right decision to come on board with Work of Art Fitness. WOAF Owner & Director will also be able to focus on more important priorities as the website does the grunt work of customer intake.

Your New Website Will Feature:
  • .Clear and Prominent Access to Spiritually Fit Resources, Tools, & Podcasts
  • Clear and Concise Program & Pricing Breakdowns
  • Easy & Functional Client Intake Forms & Sign Up Processes
  • Online Payment System
  • Privately Accessed area for clients to access any digital content they’ve purchased as a part of their program
  • A Beautiful Homepage “Hero” Section (the area above the fold) featuring the latest promotions or programs – designed to be easily changed out for new content as needed
  • Sticking with WOAF’s current colors and logo, a new and supplemental logo will be designed and added into various spots to bring a fresh look to the brand
  • Content Writing and Development of language as needed to portray the true heart of WOAF’s mission of helping its clients reach their full potential – both physically and spiritually
  • Presented beautifully and professionally, we’ll be sure to include any currently used and/or relevant content – i.e. About, Mission, Testimonials, etc.

Additional Inclusions:

  • 90 Days of Support and Training for WOAF. We want to set you up for success to use your website, change out basic content, manage your client information and more. You won’t be left in the dark!
  • 3 Months of Website Maintenance to resolve issues and perform updates as needed

Time & processes

February 18th, 2022 Launch Date

B.A.B.E. Designs works with a well crafted checklist to design and build your site on time!

Phase 1: Discovery & Prep 

[November 2021]

  • We will use this phase to discover and collect every piece of important information necessary to truly understand Work of Art Fitness – this includes: content, graphics, logos, images, account and domain access, and more. The sooner we collect content, the sooner Phase 2 and 3 can begin!

Phase 2: Design & Build

[November, December 2021 +  January 2022]

Once we have everything we need, the creative work begins!

  • A design concept will be presented to WOAF. Changes or suggestions are welcomed at this stage.
  • Once a design concept is approved – we get to building. This phase will take the longest.
  • Once site build has been completed – we will review your new site together. WOAF will have a chance to request 1-2 site revisions at no cost. These would be big changes, such as changes to the theme or major site elements. (Don’t worry – spelling and grammar updates don’t count towards these revisions.)

Phase 3: Test, Launch, & Optimize

 [February 2022]

  • Once WOAF has approved its new website, we will do the final steps to test all forms and functions, prep all back-end systems, and prepare for launch.
  • Once everything is working properly, we launch! Typically, this is done late on a Friday or Saturday night.
  • Once we launch, it’s typical to run into snags. We learn from that first week of going live any issues that may have arisen and optimize any areas necessary.


Your Investment

Below you will find the cost of our website design and build services, additional website costs to discuss and decide upon, as well as information on your budget and payment options. 

Website Design & Development Services

Our Cost:


Includes everything in stated the above proposal. This is our standard rate for this type of new website design and development.

Your Discount: 50%

We love that Work of Art Fitness is not just a business but a ministry. Please accept a 50% discount on these website services, as well as a 25% discount on any service provided to you in 2022.

Your Investment For Requested Services:


Other Website Costs To Decide:

Let’s discuss the various options we have for hosting, email, domain, E-Commerce, and online payment solutions.

We have 2 recommendations:

1. Stick with Wix, but upgrade to an E-Commerce package (“Business Unlimited” to get you started). This would cut costs up front, as well as keep you using Wix for your hosting, theme builder, email services, etc. However, this will provide less scalability and flexibility for customer growth, especially for managing & customizing your client database, analytics, and speed performance. They do have “fitness pros” options with the above mentioned plan. Definitely an option to consider. 

2. Switch to the options below that will cost more upfront, but will provide you scalability and flexible for a much longer period of time as your business grows, particularly with managing your client database, SEO, performance and not being limited by Wix only services. 

We will discuss and decide based on your preferences/priorities/goals. 

Switching Away from Wix – Costs and Utilities We Use Regularly and Recommend:

** = Required

* = Our Preferred Choice

Website Hosting**

  • WPEngine* – $360 annually 
  • SiteGround – $80.28 1-year promotional pricing  / retails $24.99 monthly / $299.88 annually 

Theme Builder**

  • Divi*
  • Cost: Free for the first year, included by using our services – then $65/year after the first year
  • Value – $89/year or $249 Lifetime Access (if you purchase it on your own)

Email Service**

  • Google Workspace
  • Cost: $6/month – Business Starter

Domain Registrar**

Prices vary, typically $6-$15 annually

  • *Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • SiteGround (if used for hosting) 
  • GoDaddy

Performance Component – Requirement**

  • Wp Rocket*
  • $49 cost (annually)
  • This is the website’s main Performance Engine

Image Auto Optimization – Highly Recommended*

  • Imagify
  • $9.99 monthly 
  • Makes your site perform at a much faster speed

Online Forms

  • Formidable Forms Pro 
  • Include for Free for 1 year, include with our services – then $10/month after the first year
  • $299 value/cost (annually) if you were to purchase on your own


  • WooCommerce (Cost: Free) 
  • Site requirements may dictate the necessity for plugins or extensions at additional cost – i.e. to handle monthly subscribers – Stripe plugin to use with WooCommerce is $300/year. 
  • Payment processor – Stripe – fees are charged per transaction processed – You Pay $.30 & 2.7% per transaction

Value (Costs) of Technology included with BABE DESIGNS:

  • $249 WordPress Theme backend infrastructure
  • $299 Formidable Forms
  • $299 Pop-up Forms / Email marketing signup / exit intent
  • $847 value / savings

If you make the switch – total up front costs:

  • $440 + $300 if you need to add the Stripe subscriptions plugin.
  • Monthly Costs For The First Year: $15.99/month
Budget & Payment Options:

Your Budget:

In the event our proposal does not fit within your budget, please don’t hesitate to let us know what budget you are working with so we can help get you started! We appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

Payment Options:

We are happy to break our design & build services up into monthly payments for you as needed. We will work with your payment requests as much as possible.

Don’t forget that if this isn’t doable for you right away – we will break our proposal down further to get you started.

Thank you for the opportunity!

2022 work of art fitness proposal