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Encounter Coordinator Proposal

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World Harvest Church would like a Coordinator to excellently prepare for one of their most important events…The Encounter.


  • Coordinate & Manage major & minor responsibilities on behalf of the Event Director, Grace Hufton
  • Communicate with Leaders and work with Encounter Staff to ensure 100% event success
  • Create and Manage a Promotional Plan in order to assist with recruiting participants – using social media and other church resources

Details & Responsibilities of the Encounter Coordinator

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What To Expect from your Coordinator:

8 Weeks Prior To Event:

  • Phone Call List for Staff and Others to make calls to promote
  • Plan Encounter social media posts
  • Schedule Pre-Encounter Meeting
  • Schedule Encounter Consecration Put on Planning Center Calendar
  • Call Interested Participants
  • Set up Encounter Interest form on Church Center (including auto email)
  • Email key leaders a “Save the Date”
  • Update Encounter church center info
  • Update Encounter registration form – church center
  • Plan Encounter T-Shirt Day
  • Plan Encounter Banner for the lobby
  • Make sure there are Encounter Interest Cards
  • Schedule someone to share Encounter testimony on a Sunday
  • Make sure the Encounter is included in the church’s weekly email
  • Contact and confirm Representative Leader

6 Weeks Prior To Event:

  • Update Encounter Helper Form
  • Send Encounter Helper Recruiting Email
  • Check Encounter Inventory
  • Order Supplies Needed
  • Schedule Helper Meetings (Zoom and/or In-Person)
  • Schedule Encounter Dream Team Dinner Meeting
  • Schedule Helpers with MOH Director
  • Get Pastor to dictate a Welcome Letter for the new year

4 Weeks Prior To Event:

  • Give Name Posters and Paint Supplies to Vicki
  • Schedule Translators
  • Share Registration Document with Vicki
  • Print Pre-Encounter Booklets
  • Touch base with Representative Leader
  • Send list of Participants to church members to write letters
  • Have someone pre-cut the ropes
  • Give access to edit Helper Schedule to Debi
  • Meet with Hotel Sales Manager at Hotel

2 Weeks Prior To Event:

  • Collect Badge Group Images/Scripture
  • Create Encounter Participant and Helper Check-In
  • Schedule Helper Reminder Texts (Club Texting)
  • Touch base with Representative Leader
  • Ask Frank to prepare fire for Encounter Consecration
  • Request early check-in at hotel for Pastor Mirek
  • Create & Send Room Assignment Document to Hotel
  • Start organizing the different participant lists (hotel room, bus loading, etc.)
  • Ask Frank/Frankie to set up Fellowship Hall for Thursday Dinner
  • Share list of participants with Pastors
  • Email Ministry Description and Agenda to Debi for Prayer Room
  • Ask Jodi to create a Zoom link for Encounter Celebration
  • Make sure Bonnie sends link to Representatives
  • See who can help with Encounter printing day (Wednesday before)
  • Send dietary restrictions to Monty (2 weeks out)
  • Make sure buses are cleaned and gassed up – Ask Frank/Kim

Week of Event:

  • MONDAY – Place Sam’s Club order online for snacks & drinks
  • TUESDAY – Go to Sam’s Club to pick up order
  • TUESDAY – Check SR Truck – Make sure it is empty
  • TUESDAY – Clean out 2 black hot boxes in pantry (for Monty)
  • TUESDAY – Clean out main church refrigerator
  • WEDNESDAY – Print Everything on the “To Print” List (Except Participant Lists)
  • WEDNESDAY – Make sure shuttles are full of gas
  • WEDNESDAY – Email list of Representatives to person who is calling them
  • THURSDAY – Print Participant Lists, Get Church Camera & SD Cards, Ask Tessa to pick up Fruit


Your Investment

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Encounter Coordinator Investment

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2022 World Harvest Church Proposal